Waldorf Pulse 2 editor

Waldorf Pulse 2 Editor – Pulse 2 Live V2


Pulse 2 Live is a Waldorf Pulse 2 editor for Ableton Live.

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Waldorf Pulse 2


Pulse 2 Live is a Waldorf Pulse 2 editor for Ableton Live. Take full control of your Pulse 2 analog synthesizer with Pulse 2 Live the Max for Live, Waldorf Pulse 2 editor.


Waldorf Pulse 2 Editor features

  • Full recall of patches via sysEx .
  • Clear tightly designed UI.
  • Library with two 500 preset banks.
  • Full Dump of Pulse 2 banks to library.
  • Export/import library.
  • Browser class filter.
  • Snapshots.
  • All available parameters can be automated.
  • Parameters stored and recalled with Live project.
  • Edit patch name and class.
  • Intelligent UI will only display available parameters.
  • Multiple instances can be used allowing freezing of tracks.

New features in Version 2

  • Redesigned compacted UI
  • Arp randomize.
  • 8 Arp patterns can be stored per patch.
  • Arp pattrern sequencing.
  • Arp pattern sequence length.
  • Arp pattern step duration.
  • Arp pattern ini.
  • Arp pattern duplicate.
  • Custom user tags.
  • Double click to reset parameters to original patch value.
  • Triple click to reset parameters to initial value.
  • Map 8 parameters saved with patches act as per patch macros.
  • Snapshots increased to 8.
  • Java midi ports replaced with standalone Max/Msp hub.
  • Import Pulse 2 live V1 Library.
  • Refined internals.





Unzip Pulse 2 Live V2.zip and place folder named Pulse 2 Live V2 into your Max For Live MIDI Effect folder.

If you do not own Max install the Free runtime




Double click StandalonePorts.maxpat in the Pulse 2 Live folder to load the external midi hub.

Select Pulse2 USB midi port for sysEx communication.

NOTE Make these ports are NOT active in Live Preferences>Midi / Sync.

If you are already using the default UDP port numbers choose alternatives.

Waldorf Pulse 2 editor

Waldorf Pulse 2 editor

Load Pulse 2 Live onto a midi track in Live. Select the Port tab and enter UDP port numbers to match settings made in the standalone ports:

Waldorf Pulse 2 editor

Waldorf Pulse 2 editor

Insert an external instrument after the Pulse 2 Live device and select your midi port and audio in for playback:

Waldorf Pulse 2 editor

Waldorf Pulse 2 editor

Press the Get button to activate the instance and retrieve the current patch from the Pulse 2.

Waldorf Pulse 2 editor

Waldorf Pulse 2 editor



Q: The StandalonePorts.maxpat it brings up a window for Full Max authorization do I need to buy full Max license?

A: No the Max runtime  is all you need: MAX RUNTIME CLICK HERE

Q: How do I Map a parameter ?

A: Click the map number then click a parameter if successful the name and value will be updated to the map slider.

Q: How do I access all of the Mod Source and Destination menus ?

A: The Mod section amounts have a hover feature to reveal the source/destinations, clicking them will pin the current source/destination click any amount dial again to restore the hover selection.

Q: How do I dump Pulse 2 patches to the editor library?

A: The Request dump button in the ARK tab will trigger a full dump of the Pulse 2 into the editor you will be given a choice to store to one of the two editor library banks or cancel.

Q: Where are snapshots stored?

A: Snapshots are stored with the Live set.

Q: Where are Maps stored?

A: Maps are stored with the patch in the editor library.




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