GOLuM – Conway’s game of life for Liine Lemur


GOLuM creates life on your Lemur with Conway’s Game of life using the Lemur HTML5 Canvas object.

Product Description

GOLuM creates Conway’s game of life on your Liine Lemur using the new HTML5 Canvas object.

GOLuM demonstrates advanced Lemur scripting techniques that overcome the limitations of the Lemur scripting environment.

Liine Lemur Limitations

  • Maximum number of entries in an array is set to 256.
  • Multidimensional arrays not supported.
  • No provision for frame overrun does not preempt out.
  • Fundamental problems with data typing.
  • Lack of bitwise NOT.
  • Limited string handling.
  • No file based presets.


The Lemur script arrays have a limit of 256 items per array. To manipulate the GOLuM world of 1024 (32*32) cells bitwise operators were used to crush 1024 values into a 32 item array. The next challenge to overcome was processing the data which took longer than the lemur frame time allowed. A dynamic task slicer was implemented to split the processing over as many frames as was needed to complete the task. There was still more work to do, the preset data was being truncated on project reload, to stop this happening our 32bit data had to be reduced to 16bit for saving.

Finally we have life!


GOLuM Demo





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